Adopted in October 1990

Incorporating amendments up to September 1998

1. The Name of the Society

The name of the Society shall be The Perth Undergraduate Choral Society Inc, hereinafter referred to as the Society, in accordance with the incorporation of the Society. The Society shall also be called PUCS.

2. Abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used in this document:

3. Objectives

The objectives of the Society shall be:

The property of the Society may only be applied to the promotion of these objectives.

No property of the Society may be paid or distributed in any way to members of the association, except in good faith in the promotion of these objectives.[1][P1]

4. Affiliation and Associations

The Society shall seek:

5. Obligations to the Guild

The Society shall comply with the Regulations of the Guild, the by-laws of the Societies and Finance Councils and all other provisions in the Guild Statute Book. The officers and members of the Society shall be jointly and severally responsible for such compliance.

6. Membership

6.1 Ordinary Members

The Committee may, by Ordinary Resolution, admit persons as Ordinary members.

Ordinary membership shall be confined to:

6.2 Associate Members

The Committee may, by Ordinary Resolution, admit person as Associate members who do not qualify for Ordinary membership.

6.3 Honorary Members

The Committee may admit such persons as it deems fit to be Honorary members for the current calendar year.

The Society in General Meeting may by a two-thirds majority confer Honorary Life membership upon any person or persons for outstanding services to the Society.

6.4 Subscriptions

The Biannual Subscription shall be determined by Ordinary Resolution of a General Meeting of the Society on the recommendation of the Committee, and be payable within three weeks of the commencement of the University semester.[2][P2]

The rates of Subscription for classes of members shall comply with the Societies Council's rules for public membership.

A member shall become a Financial Member for the current semester upon payment of the Subscription. Memberships for which Subscriptions are not paid by the due date shall cease.

Honorary members shall not be required to pay subscriptions.

6.5 Revocation of Membership

A membership may be revoked by Special Resolution at a General Meeting.

6.6 Register of Members

The Committee shall cause to be kept a register of members of the Society.

7. Officer bearers and Committee Members

7.1 Committee Membership

The Committee of the Society shall consist of:

The Society in General Meeting may resolve that the Committee shall include the following additional positions:

If there is an Intervarsity Choral Festival hosted by the Society, the Convenor and the Secretary therefore may attend all Committee meetings with the right to speak but not to vote.

7.2 Executive Office Bearers

The Executive Office Bearers shall be the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

7.3 Duties and Responsibilities of Members

The Committee may from time to time issue guide-lines identifying the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Office Bearers and other Committee Members.

7.4 Eligibility for Election

All Financial Ordinary and Associate members shall be eligible for election to the Committee provided that the Executive Office Bearers be Ordinary Members.

A member who is President of the Guild, Sports or Societies Councils shall not be eligible to hold Office in the Society.

7.5 Nomination for Election

Nominations for election may be made in writing to the Secretary prior to the meeting at which the election is to take place. The chairman of a meeting may accept further nominations during the meeting with the consent of the meeting.

Nominations shall require the support of two Financial members.

7.6 Election

Election of Committee members and Office Bearers shall be by Ordinary Resolution at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

The right to call for a Poll shall exist for the election of Office Bearers and Committee members.

Committee members shall be appointed for one year effective from the 1st October following the Annual General Meeting at which they were appointed.

7.7 Casual Vacancies

Casual Vacancies of Officer Bearers or Ordinary Committee members shall be filled by Ordinary Resolution of the Committee. Such appointments shall be subject to ratification at the next General Meeting.

7.8 Patron

The Society may at its Annual General Meeting elect a patron or patrons who shall, if willing, hold office until the succeeding Annual General Meeting.

7.9 Conductor

The Committee shall, prior to the first rehearsal of the Society in each calendar year, appoint one or more Conductors of Choral Activity for the year's musical activities.

The Committee shall appoint one or more Deputy Conductors on the advice and approval of the Conductor(s).

If the office of Conductor or Deputy Conductor shall become vacant during the year, the Committee shall appoint a replacement as soon as possible.

Appointments of Conductors and Deputy Conductors shall be ratified by Ordinary Resolution of a Special General Meeting of the Society held as soon as possible after the appointment.

The Conductor(s) may attend all Committee and General Meetings of the Society with the right to speak but not vote.

A Committee member appointed to the office of Conductor, shall immediately resign from the Committee.

7.10 Delegates

The Committee shall appoint members of the Society as delegates and deputy delegates to Societies and Finance Council as required by those Councils.

8. Committee Meetings

8.1 Ordinary Meetings

The meetings of the Committee shall be held at least once every five weeks during the UWA year, and at such other times as the President shall decree.

8.2 Special Meetings

The Secretary shall call a special meeting of the Committee upon receiving the written requisition of two Committee members. The special meeting shall be held within fourteen days of receipt of such requisition.

If the Secretary shall fail to call the meeting so requisitioned, any one of the members signing the requisition may call the meeting.

The special business for which the meeting has been called shall have priority over all other business.

8.3 Emergency Meetings

The President may call an emergency meeting of the Committee of the available Committee members without notice.

Resolutions at emergency meetings shall be minuted and ratified at the next Committee meeting.

8.4 Quorum

A quorum of the Committee shall be one half of the Committee members, with a minimum of three, at least two of whom shall be Executive Officer Bearers.

8.5 Notice

The Secretary shall cause notice of Committee meetings together with an agenda for the meeting to be given to each Committee member at least three days prior to the date for the meeting.

Seven days notice shall be required for a special meeting.

9. Powers and Duties of the Committee

9.1 Control of Funds

The Committee shall control all funds of the Society, and cause proper books of account to be kept to reflect all financial transactions.

The Committee shall not transmit or permit to be transmitted any moneys or grants to any person or body by way of a gift.

The Treasurer shall cause receipts to be issued for all funds received and shall deposit all funds received in an account in the name of the Society.

All payments made from the funds of the Society shall be authorised by the Committee.

The Executive Office Bearers and such other Committee Members as are necessary shall be authorised by the Committee as signatories to the Society's account for the withdrawal of funds, with a minimum of two signatories required for each withdrawal.

Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Constitution, no person or persons shall deposit or withdraw any moneys into/from any account that the Guild Council has closed by resolution.

9.2 Budgets and Account

The Financial year for the Society shall end on 30^th June.

The Treasurer shall cause financial accounts to be prepared for each year, and present those accounts to the Annual General Meeting for adoption.

At the start of each financial year the Society shall submit a budget in the appropriate format to the Finance Committee should it be required so to do.

The Treasurer shall produce and deliver to the Treasurer of the Guild or any authorised officer or servant of the Guild, the passbook, deposit book or cheque book of any closed account and any other documents relating to such account, upon receiving written notice so to do.

9.3 Annual Audit

For each year in which the Society has appointed an auditor, the Committee shall cause all books, records and explanations to be made available to the Auditor in completion of the audit.

9.4 Selection of Music

The music to be performed by the Society shall be selected by a sub-Committee appointed by the Committee consisting of at least

The selection of music shall be presented to the Committee for approval. A two thirds majority of the Committee shall be required to reject the selection.

9.5 Other Powers, Rights and Duties

The Committee shall be responsible to the Society in General Meeting for giving effect to the Objectives of the Society, and carrying on its everyday business.

Apart from the powers explicitly set out in this constitution, the Committee shall have power in promoting the Objectives of the Society:

10. General Meetings

10.1 Choral Activity

The Society shall meet once a week during first and second semesters for Choral Activity, and/or at such other times as the Committee shall resolve.

10.2 Annual General Meeting

The Society shall hold its Annual General Meeting no earlier than July 15th and no later than September 15th in any year, nor shall more than sixty weeks elapse between one Annual General Meeting and the next.

At the Annual General Meeting, the order of business shall be as follows:

10.3 Special General Meeting

The Committee may at any time call a Special General Meeting of the Society.

The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting upon receiving the written requisition of two Financial members. The Special Meeting shall be held within fourteen days of receipt of such requisition.

If the Secretary shall fail to call the meeting so requisitioned, any one of the members signing the requisition may call the meeting.

The special business for which the meeting has been called shall have priority over all other business.

10.4 Quorum

A quorum for the Society in General Meeting shall be one fourth of the total number of Financial Ordinary members in the Register at the time of the meeting.

10.5 Notice

The Secretary shall cause notice of the holding of General Meetings, together with the agenda for such meetings, to be posted on the Guild Notice Boards and distributed among members at least seven days before the date appointed for the meeting.

No General Meeting to conduct business shall be called for a date which coincides with a date for which written notice has been given for a Guild General Meeting.

11. Conduct of Meetings

11.1 General

Where procedures are not set out in this Constitution, meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the Standing Orders of AICSA, with the name of PUCS being substituted for AICSA wherever appropriate.

11.2 Voting Rights

Subject to the right to call for a Poll, Ordinary and Associate members shall have equal voting and speaking rights at all meetings.

Honorary members may attend all General Meetings with the right to speak but not vote.

The right to call for a Poll shall exist for all resolutions at General Meetings.

11.3 Voting by Poll - Special Rights for Ordinary Members

Immediately following the declaration of votes on a motion at a General Meeting, two Financial Ordinary members may require the Chairman of the meeting to call for a Poll.

In a Poll the motion shall be represented to the meeting in the same form, but voting shall be restricted to Financial Ordinary members.

Voting majorities for a Poll shall be the same as for other voting. The result of the Poll as declared by the Chairman of the meeting shall be final.

11.4 Voting Majorities

Ordinary Resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote.

Special Resolutions shall be passed by a two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.

The Chairman shall have a casting vote for all motions.

11.5 Minutes

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings.

Copies of minutes for all meetings shall be available for inspection at a reasonable time and place to any Financial member on request.

12. Constitution

12.1 Interpretation

Subject to any provisions in the Guild Statutes Book and to any resolution passed by Guild Council or Societies Council, the Committee shall have power to interpret this Constitution. In case of doubt or dispute the final interpretation shall rest with the Society in General Meeting.

12.2 Alterations

Any two Financial members of the Society may not less than ten days before a General Meeting give to the Secretary a notice of motion in writing signed by those proposing an alteration to this Constitution.

The Secretary shall give notice of the proposed alteration as a Special Resolution for the next General Meeting.

The motion as adopted with any amendments shall come into force upon receiving the approval of the Societies Council.

12.3 Availability

The Committee shall make available a copy of this Constitution for perusal by any Financial or Honorary member of the Society upon request.

13. Dissolution

If the Society is wound up; and the Society has any property left after the debts and liabilities of the Society have been satisfied; then that property shall be distributed either:

The precise recipients of distribution shall be determined by resolution of the members in General Meeting.

14. Common Seal of the Society

The Society shall have a common seal on which its corporate name shall appear in legible characters.

The common seal may only be used with the express authority of the Committee, and every use of the seal shall be recorded in the minute books of the Committee.

The affixing of the common seal must be witnessed by any two of the executive office bearers.

The common seal shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary or such other person as the Committee from time to time decides.

15. Inspection of Records

A member may, at any reasonable time, inspect without charge the books, documents, records and securities of the Society.