About PUCS

PUCS rehearses each Monday from 7-9pm in the Bradley studio UWA (located at the back of Octagon Theatre) and new members are always welcome.

PUCS is a UWA Undergraduate choir, open to students from UWA, other WA universities and any singers from the wider community.

The choir's repertoire spans many musical styles from classical through to choral rock.

There are NO AUDITIONS to join so just come along to one of our rehearsals, and sing with us!

PUCS performing Satu Suara: A Celebration of World Music, May 2013

PUCS performing Satu Suara: A Celebration of World Music, May 2013

The choir numbers between 50 to 100 singing members, depending upon the concert being performed and the time of year.

Here are a few short samples of a recent concerts:

Gloria "Coronation" Mass in C, Mozart

Basin Street Blues by Spencer Williams (Arr. by Ashley Greig)

Click here to listen to more of our audio samples.

In order to expose choristers and audiences to a wide range of choral music, PUCS performs works of many different musical styles, including - traditional African, latin american, jazz, blues, negro spirituals, contemporary Australian works, English church and secular works, choral rock and contemporary pop.

All choir members have a chance to play a part in the music selected for each concert. By attending the music sub-committee meeting held before each rehearsal period begins, choir members are encouraged to put forward their ideas on what music they would like to perform. Concert music is selected from the results of this meeting.

PUCS normally performs three concerts each year, as well as offering its services to perform at weddings and corporate events (such as our annual Christmas Carolling performances).

These concerts typically follow a loose order as follows:

  • a light concert of jazz/rock/other contemporary music in April/May
  • a major concert of serious work (often with orchestra) in September; and
  • a smaller concert of christmas music or other styles in mid-December.

About the Puck

The figure "Puck" is inspired from the character of the same name from Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream". The famous bard took inspiration from Celtic and Greek/Roman mythology in creating Puck's character. This all leads back to the god of music, Hermes - who was once threatened by the god Apollo with being "thrown into the depths of Tartarus" for hiding a flock of sheep as a baby.

As Shakespeare has depicted Puck as a satyr - a pleasure seeking half human, half goat - we have happily followed suit. PUCS is musical and mischievous, which is the essence of what the "Puck" represents.


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