The PUCS Committee

Meet the committee for 2018-2019!

Evie President
Meike Secretary
Ben Treasurer
Cathy Concert Manager
Stef Librarian
Shona, Philippa, Pip & Felicity Ordinary Committee Member

Music Staff

Sarah Mills-Menogue Conductor
Claire Stokes Accompanist  

The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting, held around October of each year. The President, Secretary and Treasurer make up the executive of the PUCS Committee.

The Publicity position is still empty. If you know anyone who is willing to volunteer or you would like to give yourself a new challenge, come and see one of the committee members during rehearsal or email us at

In addition to committee portfolios, there are several seats set aside on the committee for Ordinary Committee Members (OCMs). As an OCM, your role would be to assist committee members in areas of their portfolio where required and participate in the overall organisation and management of the choir. If you think that this is your kind of speed, speak to one of the current committee members about becoming a member and how you can help.

Section Leaders

Each voice part has a chorister who is involved in the general weekly organisation of their members. The section leaders do not hold a formal position on the committee, but they have an important role within the choir.

Your section leader is able to answer any of your questions about the activities of the choir, including the rehearsal schedule and upcoming events/concerts.

As the section leaders are also responsible for taking attendance each rehearsal, please inform them if you unable to come to rehearsal for any reason.

Anne Sopranos
Stef Altos
Chris Tenors
Andy Basses