2011 Concerts

A Christmas Cracker

A Christmas Cracker

PUCS performed our third concert for 2011, A Christmas Cracker, on Sunday 4th December at Wesley Church.

Gensis of a Requiem

Genesis of a Requiem

Our second concert for 2011, Genesis of a Requiem explored Mozart's Requiem by looking at its major influences, the two masterworks which were among the key inspirations for Mozart's composition: Michael Haydn's Requiem in C Minor, and Handel's Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline. PUCS was thrilled to welcome back distinguished soprano Katja Webb, who returned to Perth for this concert along with performances with WA Opera in November. The concert also featured the outstanding Fremantle Chamber Orchestra, and soloists Caitlin Cassidy, Andrew Sutherland and Thomas Friberg.

Misa Criolla & Songs from the Americas

Misa Criolla and Songs from the Americas: Concert Poster

Our first concert for 2011, Misa Criolla and Songs from the Americas explored a musical journey through the Americas featuring the stunning folk mass Misa Criolla, excerpts from the Andean folk mass Misa Andina, songs from Brazil and Argentina, plus superb choral music by contemporary composers Morten Lauridsen and Eric Whitacre. The extraordinary Misa Criolla (one of the first masses composed in the Spanish vernacular) features the traditional folk rhythms of South America, with accompaniment on traditional instruments including zampona (pan pipes), quena (a bamboo flute) and charango (a small ten stringed guitar).