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A Christmas from Cambridge concert photo, December 2010

PUCS performing "A Christmas from Cambridge" at St Patrick's Basilica in December 2010.

To stay up to date with PUCS events, the single most important thing you can do is to make sure you are subscribed to the pucs-announce mailing list.

PUCSters Calendar

You can see all events, gigs rehearsals and all other things PUCS related in this handy dandy calendar! For more easy of use, use the button to add it to your existing calendar!!!.

Rehearsal Schedule

Our rehearsals are each Monday from 7-9pm in the Bradley studio UWA (located at the back of Octagon Theatre). If you happened to miss earlier rehearsals, don't worry — new members are always welcome and don't forget to drag your friends along too.

If you have any queries regarding the rehearsal schedule, please contact your section leader or a committee member.

Section Leaders

Each voice part has a representative who is appointed to assist the other members of their section. Any questions you have regarding the rehearsal schedule, upcoming concerts/events or choir activities can be directed to them.

As the section leaders are also responsible for taking attendance each rehearsal, please inform them if you unable to come to rehearsal for any reason.

Anne Sopranos
Stef Altos
Chris Tenors
Andy Basses

Mailing Lists

PUCS has a couple of ways for members to communicate.

Quick summary - if you're not subscribed to PUCS Announce, you should be.

PUCS Announce

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PUCS Announce (as the name suggests) is for official PUCS announcements. We use it to alert members to anything significant in the PUCS world, such as concerts, recordings and special rehearsals. It's a moderated, low volume list (perhaps one email every few weeks, though generally a few more in the weeks leading up to a concert), and all PUCS members should be subscribed unless they have a (very, very good!) reason not to be.

Subscribe Options

Not receiving emails? Receiving too many emails? If you have any questions about communication channels, please email

PUCS on Facebook

The PUCS Facebook page is open to anyone for discussion on topics PUCS-related (or not!). Please come and join.


Our newsletter, Dishcord, is released several times a year and features amazing stories from the past semester and important information such as upcoming dates that you will need to know. If you have any great tid-bits or photos you'd like to see is the next issue, email them to

Missed a Dischord? See our archive for back copies.


PUCS has one rehearsal camp per semester for an intensive rehearsal day followed by a dinner. The dinner is complete with all the PUCS traditions (more singing!) and is a great way to get to know people in the choir.

AICSA-related Mailing Lists

You might also be interested in the choral-announce, choral-net, and choral-chat mailing lists that connect choristers from all over Australia. For more information see the information on the AICSA web site about choral-announce and choral-net, and there is some helpful information about choral-chat over on the Flinders University Choral Society website. These lists are run by Malcolm Herbert, and if you have any enquiries or problems with the lists they should probably be directed to him by email to

About the Puck

The figure “Puck” is inspired from the character of the same name from Shakespeare's “Midsummer Night's Dream”. The famous bard took inspiration from Celtic and Greek/Roman mythology in creating Puck's character. This all leads back to the god of music, Hermes — who was once threatened by the god Apollo with being “thrown into the depths of Tartarus” for hiding a flock of sheep as a baby.

As Shakespeare has depicted Puck as a satyr — a pleasure seeking half human, half goat — and so have we. PUCS is musical and mischievous, which is the essence of what the “Puck” represents.